Speaking Techniques

I told an official of a local rotary on the day I was there to give a presentation that I was not a speaker, that I was a writer. But we have to do both. Although I’ve picked up some technique, it’s still a puzzle at times.Unknown-3

Are they really interested in what I’m talking about? I ask myself that as I look around the room while speaking.

I know I can find this in a book, but I thought I’d ask sister and brother writers what works for them.

For instance, do you look at those you are speaking to, or not?

If it’s a business group, do you still talk as if you’re addressing a crowd at the library telling them where your idea for your latest book came from and how you go about getting it down on paper, and more, how you got it published? Unknown-1

My last address to business people was about how I carved out a career as a novelist. I had a good time. I kept it short and then asked for questions. I joked and they joked back. It worked that time but will it work the next time?

Any suggestions?