Organization for the Writer’s Mind (and Desk)

GetittogetherOne of my writing buddies organized the “Get It Together” blog hop, which is five, count ’em, five days of authors talking about how they organize their lives, their books, their writing spaces…everything. I think there are about 30 participating authors, and most of them have put things into the huge, massive giveaway of books, gift cards and organizational goodies that you can enter on any of the blog hop posts. My own post is today on my blog, so you can enter there if you like, and get a peek into the crazy world that is my planner obsession!

The tour is finally over

CaughtReadHanded_newcomp.inddWell my Escape with Dollycas tour as well as the tour arranged by the good folks at Berkley Prime Crime are both finished but there are still a few places I am visiting around and about the internet. The fun will be ending this week and I will miss all the excitement but for now we have these final reviews and/or giveaways.

If you click over to Escape with Dollycas Cozy Wednesday with Terrie Moran you can read my guest post as well as the Dollycas review of Caught Read-Handed. And Dollycas is giving away not one but two copies of the book.Giveaway is open until August 4th, but why not hurry on over and enter right now.

I visited the delightful blog Wicked Cozy AuthorsI decided to write a guest post about all the cool things I learned while researching the Read ‘Em and Eat books. You also have a chance to win a Caught Read-Handed tee shirt, so wander over if you please and don’t forget to leave your email addy. Giveaway ends tonight.



You can also read a guest post on Shelley’s Book Case where books, especially cozy mysteries are always the focus. Once more I encourage everyone to try Karen Owen’s recipe for Miss Marple’s Orange Iced Scones. They are so very good. And there is another chance to win a Caught Read-Handed tee shirt. Giveaway ends August 3rd.

I was thrilled to have a very positive review on the blog A Cozy Girl Reads. Unfortunately the double giveaway of a copy of Caught Read-Handed  as well as a tee shirt has ended. But if you follow the blog, you may have entered and I hope you won!

I had a lot of fun doing an interview on the Mayhem and Magic blog. Along with the interview you will find the final blog tour giveaway of the Caught Read-Handed tee shirt. Winner will be drawn at random on August 5th.Why not try your luck before then?

So there you have it. I visited dozens of blogs and had a fabulous Facebook launch party It’s been a joyful time filled with old friends and new, not to mention  feeling like Santa Claus with all the giveaways. But now it is time for me to crawl back into my writers cave, but have no fear, I enjoy giveaways so much, I’m sure I’ll show up somewhere waving a tee shirt or a tote bag or some other Caught Read-Handed goodie!


Caught Read-Handed Blog Tour winds down…

CaughtReadHanded_newcomp.inddCaught Read-Handed and I have been having a grand time flitting around the internet, stopping here and there to spend a bit of time with bloggers and readers. So I thought I would mention a few more stops we made.

You will find  a guest post, a review and another opportunity for the rafflecopter prizes when you click over to Jane Reads. Apparently I have a sense of humor and Jane enjoys finding it sprinkled in my writing.

Over at the Gotta Write Network I assure everyone that Aunt Ophie is back on Fort Myers Beach and it does look like she is there to stay.

Two more sites, Brooke Blogs and Griperang’s Bookmarks, are presenting reviews of Caught Read-Handed and a chance to win the rafflecopter prizes pictured below. The chance to enter the rafflecopter drawing will end on Monday on all the sites that participated. So hurry and enter before it is too late.

rafflecopter prize

rafflecopter prize

Caught Read-Handed is nearly done touring the blogosphere.There are still a couple of sites left to visit between now and the end of July. Perhaps you will come along. Hey, there will be prizes. There are always prizes.


Caught Read-Handed blog tour continues…

CaughtReadHanded_newcomp.inddI hope you have been following along. Caught Read-Handed has been here, there and everywhere in the blogosphere and the tour continues. We recently visited 3 Partners in Shopping, a lovely family blog. Lots of talk about lots of things, and plenty of talk about books. This is another blog participating in the rafflecopter giveaway of the gift package shown at the end of this post.

It is always great fun to visit Cozy Up with Kathy. Besides another chance at winning the gift package, if you read Kathy’s interview with me, you will discover exactly where I keep the Agatha Teapot.


Over at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers you can read a charming review of Caught Read-Handed  and you will have another chance to win the rafflecopter prizes.

The Open Book Society offers a lovely and very detailed review of Caught Read-Handed.

On Lisa K’s Book Reviews I talk a bit, Lisa reviews and anyone who stops by gets a chance to try for the rafflecopter prize. (When you click over to Lisa’s, you may have to scroll down to July 14th as I cannot make a direct link work.)

Then you can visit View from the Birdhouse. I had a terrific time answering interview questions. My answer to “Do I have writing quirks” is so true that I laugh every time I read it. And you will be happy to know this is a rafflecopter stop.

If you stop by Moonlight Rendezvous and comment before July 24th, you will have a chance to win a  copy of Caught Read-Handed.

Read Your Writes Book Reviews is a great place for…you got it, book reviews. Caught Read-Handed is a spotlight book this week and there is a chance to win a copy.

rafflecopter prize

rafflecopter prize

Never fear, long as this list is, there will be a few more stops before we can pronounce the tour finished.


Caught Read-Handed joins Peaches and Scream for a Facebook Launch Party

Hooray! Susan Furlong – Author and I are inviting everyone to a launch party for our books, Caught Read-Handed and Peaches and Scream. There will be plenty of prizes. Mystery Playground is organizing it so you know it will be fun. You can click right here to RSVP–or just show up!

Festivities will begin  at 7:30 pm EST which translates into 4:30 pm PDT.

See you there.



Caught Read-Handed on tour

CaughtReadHanded_newcomp.inddI am super delighted to tell you that Caught Read-Handed is traveling the blogosphere, visiting old friends and new friends alike. And many of the blogs are offering a chance to win a copy of Caught Read-Handed, or some other prizes, so it might just be worth your time to stop by.

Our first stop is at Lori’s Reading Corner, and Lori is offering a rafflecopter opportunity to win a copy of Caught Read-Handed. Giveaway closes July 16th.

Next we visited Sapphyria’s Book Review where you can read a lovely review of Caught Read-Handed. (Will Sassy and Frank EVER get together? And what about Cady?) This is one of the blogs where you can enter a rafflecopter giveaway for the Florida themed prizes shown in the final picture below.

I had a great time being interviewed by Rocco the cat and author T.C. LoTempio over on the blog, Cats, Books and…More Cats. And if you pop in there  by midnight July 11th, you will have a chance to win one of two prizes: a copy of Caught Read-Handed or a  Caught Read-Handed Tee Shirt.


Storeybook Reviews is another place where book conversations abound. Besides reading a review of Caught Read-Handed, you will also have a chance at the gift package below offered by rafflecopter.

Along with my guest blog at The Quillery, there is an opportunity to win a copy of Caught Read-Handed via rafflecopter. Giveaway ends on July 15th at 11:59 pm.

If there was ever a blog perfectly titled for me, it is I Wish I Lived in a Library. Ah, don’t we all! Besides a lovely review of Caught Read-Handed, this is another place where you can try to win the gifts shown below.

I am super pleased with the wonderful review that Caught Read-Handed received on Lesa’s Book Critiques because when she reviewed Well Read, Then Dead, Lesa mentioned that she once lived in the area around Fort Myers Beach. I am thrilled that she thinks I got it right.

Who doesn’t love the Drinks with Reads posts over on Deb Lacy’s fabulous blog Mystery Playground? The atmosphere is always festive and I am happy to contribute with some Blue Margaritas. You will also have chance to enter for the gift package.

Over at the Anthony nominated blog, Dru’s Book Musings, Aunt Ophie is holding court. You know she always has an opinion about something. Stop on by and don’t forget to enter to win a signed copy of Caught Read-Handed as well as this charming bag signed by: Elaine Viets, R.P. Dahlke, Barbara Graham, Kathy Aarons, Melodie Johnson Howe, Leigh Perry, Beverly Allen, Diane Vallere and me!


It is always a treat to visit Melissa over at Mochas, Mysteries and Meows. Besides her terrific review of Caught Read-Handed, she is sponsoring a giveaway of prize package below.

If you have ever wondered how Miguel Guerra found his way to the Read ‘ Em and Eat, now is your change to find out. He is over at Killer Characters talking about that very subject and offering a tee shirt giveaway. Enter by midnight July 14th.

rafflecopter prize

rafflecopter prize

So there you have it, folks. The beginning of the blog tour for Caught Read-Handed. Stay tuned, there are plenty places to visit and opportunities to win prizes in the coming days. ahead.


Anne of the Fens: Giveaway Winner!

Anne of the Fens by Gretchen Gibbs

On Friday, we ran an Interview and Giveaway of Anne of the Fens  (The Bradstreet Chronicles) by Gretchen Gibbs. I’m happy to announce the winner of the free paperback copy is Anne Wein! 

Thanks to all who expressed interest in the book.  Anne of the Fens is available in paperback and ebook at all online retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble,  iBookstore, Google Play Books, Kobo, Powells, Books-a-Million

You can read more about Gretchen Gibbs here and Anne of the Fens here.

What others are saying about Anne of the Fens

“Gibbs weaves a story of a young girl coping with adult feelings and questioning her religious beliefs. Anne of the Fens takes the reader on a historical journey from the marshes of England to the wilds of a new land.” ― Gayle C. Krause, author of the award nominated YA novel, Ratgirl: Song of the Viper

“Set against the dark, threatening landscape of pre-English Civil War, when men and women were hanged or burned alive for their religious beliefs, Anne of the Fens is a very quick read and easy to fall into.” ― Jenny Maloney,

“Take one part spunky adolescent, two parts woman-to-be, a generous helping of smarts, and you’ve got Gibbs’s extraordinary protagonist. Whether she’s reading forbidden literature or making her way through the dangerous fens, we are right there, rooting for her. Anne of the Fens is a breathless ride.” ― Carole Howard, author of About Face and Deadly Adagio

“With wit and an eye to sumptuous detail, Gretchen Gibbs catapults us into 1627 England. This is a terrific book, and Anne’s story is both romantic and harrowing. From its opening scene at Lincolnshire’s fair to its unpredictable end, I couldn’t put it down.” ― Donna Reis, author of No Passing Zone and Certain


Anne of the Fens: Author Chat & Giveaway

image004Last Friday I posted about Gretchen Gibbs’ newly released Anne of the Fens,  a YA historical romance. What follows is my interview with Gretchen, but first let me tell you about our Giveaway: Readers who leave a comment following this post are entered in a contest to win a paperback copy of Anne of the Fens. I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, May 12, so check back then. (Be sure to give me some way to reach you.)

Now, here’s Gretchen, who’ll be responding to comments and questions when she returns from her morning tennis game.

Congratulations, Gretchen, on publishing Anne
of the Fens!
  I’ll start with the hardest question: I think readers most want to know why they should read your book!  
“Thanks for inviting me! I can tell you some reasons why I think readers will like Anne. First, people say it’s a page-turner, what with a secret room in a castle, a handsome scoundrel, and a chase scene through the fens, no less. Anne of the Fens by Gretchen GibbsSecond, the novel’s a love story. Who can resist a romance? Third, it’s about a fascinating woman who became America’s first poet, Anne Dudley Bradstreet. She came to the Colonies on an ocean voyage fraught with hardship, and she bore eight children under circumstances of extreme deprivation. I thought, what kind of adolescence would such a strong woman have had?”

How did you get interested in Anne Bradstreet?   “I’ve always loved poetry, but IMaggie_Cover_Thumb
discovered Anne in a different way. My first novel, The Book of Maggie Bradstreet, told the story of the Colonial witch trials from the perspective of one of my ancestors, a young woman who found herself caught up in them. Anne Bradstreet was Maggie’s grandmother, and once I had told Maggie’s story I began to get interested in Anne as a character. I owe my interest, ultimately, to my mother, who discovered we’re descendants of the Bradstreets.”

What kind of research did you do for the book?   “I read a lot about Anne; there are several good biographies, the latest by Charlotte Gordon, and a number of books about Anne’s poetry. Then I discovered that intriguing, key fact: The family emigrated because of the traitor they housed. Not much is known about her childhood, but she wrote a few things in a notebook that her own children scribbled over. (She said she had been religious, but became ‘loose from God’ at fourteen or fifteen, when she was taken over by her carnal feelings.) I also read some English history, as I was unfamiliar with Charles I and his struggles with Parliament. I’m sure most Britons know all about that period, but Americans are apt to associate the name ‘King Charles’ with a handsome breed of spaniel!”

Given that kind of unfamiliarity, was it hard to set your book in England?   “I spent some time in England, where I found myself quite taken with the fen lands. Many people love mountains, and I admire them too, but I am often drawn to flat areas; oceans and big sky country, as they say in the American West. The fens were like that; they’ve been drained and filled in dramatically in the 400 years since Anne’s harrowing adventures, but there’s still that flatness. Tattershall was the only castle made of brick I’d ever seen – warm, and beautifully restored. Nearby Boston was a great town, with a street called “Wormgate,” and St. Botolph’s church, the largest in England, if you don’t count cathedrals. Seeing it helped me visualize the book’s first scene, where Anne runs after Sarah around the corner of the church.”

So what’s next? Anne of the Fens is the second in the Bradstreet Chronicles. Will there be a third?   “I’d love to write about Anne’s great-grandfather, who was from the nobility that Anne’s father was so proud of. At fourteen, he was a British spy. He was imprisoned twice in France, escaped both times, and became a Knight of Malta, which is where he lived.”

Thank you Gretchen. You’ve given us a real feel for Anne Bradstreet and your own enthusiasm.  “It’s been fun.
I’m happy to chat about Anne.

Read more about Gretchen and her young adult historical novels at

Don’t forget to comment here for a chance to win a copy of Anne of the Fens, then check back next Tuesday for the winner.

Book Giveaway!


Agatha Award winner Leslie Budewitz, author of the Food Lovers Village series as well as the brand spanking new Spice Shop Mysteries has a lovely giveaway going on right now. She is giving away four great books: Tagged for Death, by Sherry Harris,
Well Read, Then Dead, by Terrie Farley Moran,  Murder Strikes a Pose, by Tracy Weber and Kilmoon by Lisa Alber.

I read three of these mysteries and wrote the fourth so believe me when I say you want to get in on the giveaway for these  grand and entertaining books. And you really should be stopping by Leslie’s website on a  regular basis anyway so what are you waiting for? Here is the link.

Pop on over. Giveaway ends midnight, Wednesday April 29th.

As an aside, I want to mention that last year Leslie won her second Agatha (first was for non-fiction) for Best First Novel.  As a nominee this year, I would like to publicly thank Leslie for all the support and helpful hints that she has been giving to this year’s nominees. We are all extremely grateful.