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Are you familiar with the site If not, I highly recommend it. The Daily Quote of the Day is always a gem. The information on the site, “Writerly Wisdom of the Ages,” is collected by Jon Winokur. Advice to Writers also features interviews with writers.

jpg_writing400You can subscribe to email to receive a Quote of the Day, and follow Advice to Writers on Twitter @AdviceToWriters.

Another of my ‘go-to’ sites for writerly advice and inspiration is the interviews from The Paris Review. The archived interviews with authors date back to the 1950s. From Truman Capote to Dorothy Parker, Ernest Hemingway to Henry Miller, and James M. Cain to W.H. Auden, The Paris Review interviews provide hours of fascinating reading.

Do you have a favorite site for writing advice and/or writer interviews?

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9 thoughts on “Advice to Writers

  1. Kathleen, my favorite advice to writers, which I recently passed along to a friend, is the sign Ray Bradbury had taped to his typewriter: DON’T THINK.

    • I love his wisdom, don’t you? If we stop to ‘think’, all bets can be off. I’m currently reading his Zen In The Art of Writing. Thanks, Anita!

  2. Thanks for the great links, Kathy.

    I like Lesa’s Book Critiques and Kevin’s Corner.

    Among my favorite bloggers are Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Jane Friedman, Anne R. Allen, and Dean Wesley Smith.

    I don’t subscribe to blogs. But I often find good blog posts announced on Twitter. I FAVORITE them, so I have them listed in my account. Then I go back and read them when I need a break from writing.

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