Extinguishing a Kitchen Oil Fire

An extremely effective video about a kitchen fire that could help save a life. This is actually an easy method as long as one doesn’t panic. Share this information!

Mrs O'Leary's CowNext month is Fire Prevention Month, which was started to commemorate theĀ Great Chicago Fire in 1871. It began on October 8, but did most of its damage on October 9, 1871. Check here for more information and tips regarding fire safety.

Every year, Fire Prevention Safety has a theme. ForĀ 2015, it is: Hear The Beep Where You Sleep. Every Bedroom Needs a Working Smoke Alarm!


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4 thoughts on “Extinguishing a Kitchen Oil Fire

    • YW, Terrie. It’s a chiller, but such needed info. It’s the panic that most people feel that makes the situation worse. But maybe if they’ve watched something like this video, it may come in handy.

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