6 thoughts on “Amazon: A Personal Decision

  1. I quit shopping at Amazon for quite a while because of the way they treat publishers. But then I got lazy. With all the big box stores (which I also have problems shopping at), it’s hard to find the things you actually need locally!

  2. Clare, I’m interested in reading your response. I’ll be away from the computer for a few hours, but will check back later.

    Laura, I agree about it being hard to shop locally. We’re lucky to have a couple of really great stores downtown, and we’re deluged with restaurants, but we’ve lost some of the essentials–eg, hardware store, spmkt, toystore, etc.

  3. I didn’t respond in detail, except to say I respect your decision. My differing perspective on the topic derives from my background working in startups and IT, my jaundiced distrust of large media organs (especially while at PR war with others), the fact that Amazon was only greedy to lose scads of money for years while investing in a new business structure (which some people loathe and others love), added to blah-blah from a personal view of economics that’s pretty niche-y and unpopular. Rather than waste anyone else’s time or mine unspooling all that–which is Not, IMO, a superior and nuanced opinion just because it’s hard for me to encapsulate–I’m very happy to hear why you took your stance and thank you for doing it and sharing it!

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