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What efforts do you make to reach the reader to introduce them to your work?

Unknown-1Jenny Milchman takes herself on a book tour and has done so with huge success. I’ve done my smaller tour with book signings hosted by my family. I talk to rotaries, and libraries.

Online, I keep in touch with several blogs on a daily basis. Does Goodreads help? I find its site confusing, but that could just be me. Linked-in?

I’ve gotten forty Amazon reviews for my March release, Broken Window, many from those I don’t know, but there is also a fair share of those who I’ve asked to post a review once they read Broken Window.

But do the reviews help? Does Amazon push your book more? I know at least two reviewers focused on writing Amazon reviews, I was glad to get a fine review from them.

I love the libraries and I’ve not been to a book store yet.

What’s your secret to reaching the reader?

When do you see a difference in the sales, or do you?

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Broken Window, the second book in the Carol Rossi Mystery Series, was published on March 1st by Mainly Murder Press, Murder at the P&Z, the first mystery in the series was published April 2013. Animal Instinct, 2006, was my first book, writing, and singing in my church choir are a couple of deep passions along with espousing veganism on behalf of the animals, health, and the environment. Love spending time with my incredible husband and family.

8 thoughts on “Selling Books-Amazon Reviews

  1. This is probably one of the most difficult questions for writers to answer. It’s tough to be the writer, promoter, and chief of sales. However, in today’s publishing world, that’s just how it is. We didn’t do a tour or even a blog tour, but we post frequently on Twitter and Facebook and keep our website current. Haven’t seen a lot of sales activity. We truly miss the days of publisher marketing.

  2. According to the figures, Amazon sells half the books bought today. So think if half of your books sales are coming from Amazon.
    I have four-color post cards that I give out at signings and other events to anyone who literally makes eye contact. The copy on the card is the book’s cover and a full description of the plot, characters, setting.
    If I’ve done events in a given month, I always notice a spike in my sales (especially e-books) beyond the numbers of books I’ve personally sold on these occasions. I attribute it to people taking the cards and ordering the book on Amazon or other online sites, but mostly Amazon.

  3. Anne-Marie, that’s a good idea. I bring magnets and book markers but not everyone takes one. I’ll check the sales from now on.

    Leigh, I’m not so good on updating face book and my own website, you’ve inspired me to do better.

  4. The number of Amazon reviews definitely increases your chances of getting served up as a recommended title when people click on work that at least Amazon thinks is related. Technically, this referral algorithm does also reflect how accurate your book’s tagging is from yourself or your publisher in Amzon’s metadata, which may not be something you can help. However, know that all of the reviews do help.

    For example, it was desirable to get 20+ for the NYSinC Murder New York Style chapter anthologies to be in consideration for various pricing specials at Amazon, discount programs to which our publisher Glenmere applied. They didn’t want to waste time featuring or pushing a title that no one else cared about or which didn’t look satisfying to its readers.

    But more personally and in each writer’s purview, when people who meet you at events check your Amazon book page, it’s great for them to see lots of helpful, sincere reviews to help them decide to make that buy!

  5. Reviews are so difficult to gauge. They’re definitely important to sales, but no idea how much. I do blog tours, send out ARCs….I don’t get many reviews on Amazon.

  6. Thanks, Clare, and Deirdre. Clare, I know that’s why I push everyone to leave a few words on Amazon. Deirdre, that’s a good idea.

  7. Clare, although, I thought as much, I’m glad that you confirmed my understanding about how it works.

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