Madam President and Her PI

Don’t you love it when you find a new series you truly enjoy? Not only are you reading something between new releases, you can add a new writer to your list of favorites. I’ve very much enjoying the exploits and investigations  in Joseph Flynn’s Jim McGill series. A former Chicago cop, Jim is now married to the first female president of the United States, and instead of cutting ribbons and organizing luncheons, he is a licensed private investigator, with an office on P Street in Washington, D.C.

McGill1Jim is referred to as The President’s Henchman, which is also the title of the first book. In this one, we’re introduced to the ensemble cast that makes these books so entertaining. In addition to Jim, there’s Patricia Darden Grant, the president, Jim’s ex-wife and three children, along with her new husband, Sweetie, Jim’s longtime partner who now works with him, along with various politicians, Secret Service agents, military personnel, and the president’s staff.

I’ve read the first two books and am deeply into the third book. This series is quickly moving up the list of my favorites. When I finish these books, I plan to check out the two otherMcGill1 series Flynn has. I’m happy as a clam that I found something new to read during one of my lulls. If you love mysteries, I think you’ll enjoy these books too.

Have you found any new authors this summer? Share and we’ll all have plenty to read until the fall releases!

12 thoughts on “Madam President and Her PI

  1. Sounds fascinating and with the political season about to begin, this book is very timely.

  2. Leigh, I agree with you on the Flynn books. Love them!

    I’ll recommend two series: the Mac Faraday series (10 books and counting!) by Lauren Carr. I’ve read 8 so far. They are full-length novels and sell for 99 cents each on the Kindle! A bargain. They are also available In print.

    Then there’s The Lord and Lady Hetheridge series (4 books) by Emma Jameson. I’ve read 3. Hard to describe. I’ll just say they involve a young English detective who falls in love with her boss (who just happens to be a lord). The Kindle books are under $4 each. Print versions are also available.

  3. Since I love politics this is the series for me. Thanks for the tip, Leigh.

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