Book Signing; A Family Affair

My family, in Bluffton, South Carolina, invited friends, neighbors and clients to a book signing party for Broken Window. We had fun and sold books.

One of my daughters and husband and two of my fourteen grandchildren

My daughter, Lauren, and her husband, Don, and two of my fourteen grandchildren, Faith and Hannah.

The picture is taken in the beautiful house of my granddaughter, Hannah, and her husband, Mike. She’s the one holding a copy of Broken Window while I take the picture.

Having too much fun, we forgot to take pictures while the book signing was going on two days before.

Hopefully, at the moment, people who would never have read Broken Window are reading it, and more, at least a couple are purchasing Murder at the P&Z, the first book in the Carol Rossi Mystery Series published by Mainly Murder Press.

The local library was fully booked for the summer for author talks when I called. My daughter, Lauren, and granddaughter, Joy, did the major work and I can’t thank them enough for it.

Why did I become a writer? One of the guests asked me that question and we were off to the races for a nice give and take talk.



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Broken Window, the second book in the Carol Rossi Mystery Series, was published on March 1st by Mainly Murder Press, Murder at the P&Z, the first mystery in the series was published April 2013. Animal Instinct, 2006, was my first book, writing, and singing in my church choir are a couple of deep passions along with espousing veganism on behalf of the animals, health, and the environment. Love spending time with my incredible husband and family.

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  1. Yes, Terrie and Anita,they are all supportive. My daughter in Dublin, Ohio is doing the same, their library was all booked up as well. I’m excited. That will be in August.

  2. Thanks for the tweet, Gail!!! They are such fun, and beautiful! I’m very lucky to have them.

  3. Everyone looks so happy. I just realized all these years I’m spelling Lauren as Loren. But they all look wonderful. Great to see.

  4. Thanks, Carol. They are all beautiful. Lauren by any other name would….

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