I Spy With A Writer’s Eye

gallery-thumbnails.phpA recent blog post from thriller and suspense author Ed Kovacs, discussed gadgets every thriller/spy novelist should have at their disposal. Many were digital and some seemed items you would think of immediately, such as a camcorder watch for undercover videos and a smart phone, a great multi-tasker, while others, such as four-cipher locks and hide safes were things I hadn’t heard of before.

As you may know from previous posts, I’ve always wanted to be a spy. So, I decided to do a little research and add my own must have spy items, if not for myself, for the next time one of my characters goes undercover.

Here are my results:
Night vision goggles, perfect for stakeouts

Voice activated recorder pen, so you never miss a word

Air freshener hidden security camera, for those hard to spy on settings

Tripwire, the invisible alarm

A drone, for the complete overview

And a pair of oversize dark sunglasses for glamorous camouflage

Now that I’ve amassed these items (figuratively that is) I’ll have to write a story
in which to use them.

How about you? Have any equipment your sleuth could use on a case? Let us know.

6 thoughts on “I Spy With A Writer’s Eye

  1. Never forget your pinpoint flashlight and perhaps one of those all in one cards that fit into small places and is really a multi-tool. I think it also opens bottles after your successful mission.

    • I like the idea of a card doubling as bottle opener, maybe a corkscrew for a nice bottle of wine.

  2. In my last book I had characters use a radio-controlled helicopter like a drone. 😀 I want a set of lockpicks and someone to train me to use them.

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