Okay. I know that’s not the correct ending for this famous movie quote, but I’ll be back with another post about making books into movies very soon, especially if I’m feeling lucky that day.

film-clipart-Movie-Clip-Art-1344.jpgFor now, let’s talk about famous lines that have become part of our everyday language, or as a recent article in The New York Time, “The Rapid Decline of The Movie Quotation,” put it, the lack of them. The writer of the article, Teddy Wayne, offers the opinion that movies from the last 15 years lack memorable dialogue. Some of it may be chalked up to bad writing and some to the way movies are now produced and distributed—anyone can watch them with the click of a remote rather than buying a DVD. And, the fact that a lot of millenials are using devices other than a TV for their viewing pleasure.

The article goes on to discuss that while they’re still making good moves, people are not just watching them as much. Instead, viewers are choosing other media, such as TV and Internet video with a better chance of quoting “The Wire” than they do of a current film.

So, since I haven’t had any of my books made into movies (yet), I don’t know if any of their phrases would be quotable. I’m hoping that if I build it, they will come. While I’m waiting, I’ll be inspired by the 50 best film quotes ever.

How about you? Any movie quotes you love or hope to write? Are you ready for your close up? Let us know.


  1. Love it, Cathi. Since I’ve heard nightmare stories from writers about Hollywood changing the whole point of their stories, and including not making any money off them either, I’m one who doesn’t want a movie made of any of my books. I know a writer who is now in the second year of negotiations.

    Can you believe that the Godfather line, “I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse,” was in an old western? I was watching TV one sleepless night and heard it with my own ears!!! I sat up shocked. So it wasn’t original. Gotta start watching the old western for some learnin’.

  2. Enjoyed the post, Cathi. Thank you. Hard to imagine movies being made of my work, because I feel the “movies” already exist. In my head, that is. LOL

  3. Dot, Gail & Leigh,
    Like Leigh, I’d love to see my Nick of Time novela made int a move. I’ve already cast it in my mind. And, to Dot’s point, I know it can take forever to get it done. But it would still be fun and maybe profitable if a studio optioned it.

  4. “Fine mess” is from Laurel and Hardy movies. And in many different versions. Usually It’s grumpy Oliver Hardy complaining to cheerful, clueless Stan Laurel

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