A Lot About Sam McCain and A Little About Terrie Moran

My life is fluctuating rapidly between family issues and some personal medical tests and treatments this month, so technically I am not supposed to be posting, BUT, I had to stop by to tell you that one of the great advantages of medical issues is that in between stupid stuff, there is an occasional  chance to read. So when issue Number 136 of Mystery Scene Magazine  showed up in my mailbox on Saturday, I was ecstatic when I saw one of the cover articles was titled “Small Town Hero: Ed Gorman’s Sam McCain novels.” Now everyone knows I love Sam McCain. I talked about the latest and final *sob* *sob* Sam McCain novel, Riders on the Storm over on Criminal Element a few weeks ago.  So I couldn’t wait to read the fabulous article by Tom Nolan in which he talked about mystery readers’ introduction to Sam in The Day the Music Died (1999) right up to this month’s publication of Riders on the Storm.

cover_LizardsArdent_525wAfter reading Tom Nolan’s article twice, I turned to the place I usually start reading, the short story review section written by Bill Crider. I read along enjoying Bill’s take on some excellent collections and anthologies. Then I saw a cover picture of The Lizard’s Ardent Uniform, the anthology David Cranmer put together to honor his nephew Kyle J. Knapp. And without blushing I print here exactly what Bill Crider wrote:

And speaking of out of the ordinary, the award for strangest title goes to The Lizard’s Ardent Uniform, edited by David Cranmer, who explains the book’s origin and purpose in his introduction. The stories are a mixture of crime, noir, and the “new weird.”  Terrie Farley Moran’s excellent dark crime story, “Dust to Dust,” is reason enough to buy the book, but all the other stories are fine and strange.

So, pardon me if I smile.


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About Terrie Farley Moran

Agatha Award-winning novelist Terrie Farley Moran is the author of the Read ’Em and Eat series including Well Read, Then Dead (August 2014) and Caught Read-Handed (July 2015). Her short mystery fiction has been widely published and she has been short-listed twice for Best American Mystery stories.

11 thoughts on “A Lot About Sam McCain and A Little About Terrie Moran

  1. I own it, it’s in my pile, and now I’ll move it to the top. Outrageous that you have to deal with medical problems, but how wonderful to continue getting good news on the writing front. Thinking of you.

  2. Thanks all. Two great books here: Riders on the Storm and The Lizard’s Ardent Uniform.

  3. For folks interested in the lineup in Lizard–here it is:


    DUST TO DUST – Terrie Farley Moran

    TWIN TALK – Patti Abbott


    GHOSTS IN THE FOG – Steve Weddle

    THE DEBT – Hilary Davidson

    THE ZIGMA GAMBIT – Garnett Elliott

  4. Congrats! Keep smiling :-) And you’re right about the medical stuff. Whether it’s for me or hubby I also get a chance to sneak in a little more reading.

  5. What a wonderful compliment, Terrie! something to keep you smling for, oh -days? weeks? Congrats

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