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I recently did a book review for Criminal Element on Ask Not, a mystery written by well known mystery writer, Max Allan Collins, and he made a mention of the review, on his blog and placed a link to Criminal Element.

“Speaking of ASK NOT, here’s a terrific review from Criminal Element. What’s really cool is that the author – a female (my favorite sex) – hasn’t read a Heller before, which of course includes the first two books of the trilogy. Yet she really, really dug it.”

I just discovered the comment. Max Collins is correct, I “really, really dug it.” Collins did years of research to write Ask Not and the other two books in the series.

It gets to be a small world, if we keep working at it.
Thanks to Criminal Element, and Women of Mystery for the exposure.



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  1. Dot, what you note is so true! Hang around these digital alleys long enough and you always seem to know a guy who knows a guy…

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