Jodi Arias Trial: Subtext as a Motive for Murder

scales-of-justice-clip-artOkay, it’s time for me to weigh in on this “mystery.” For the unaware, there is a death penalty case currently being tried in Maricopa County, Arizona, which is being aired on HLN (Headline News/CNN). The defendant, Jodi Arias, is being charged with the pre-meditated murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander on June 4, 2008. She’s claiming self-defense (she alleges that while she was taking photos of him in the shower, she dropped his camera, and he ‘flipped out’ and ‘body-slammed’ her. In response, she shot him in the head, stabbed him 27-29 times, and cut his throat). She’s admitting to the murder (it took a hell of a lot to finally do so, after continually lying about it), so it’s not a ‘whodunit.’ I’m not buying it at all. She’s a proven liar. It’s a long story, and you can certainly read more about it at I agree that the State’s charge of pre-meditated murder is the appropriate one.


Travis Alexander, photo taken by Jodi Arias, shortly before his murder

Although Jodi and Travis “broke up” in 2007, and Jodi moved to California, they continued a sexual relationship ~ up to and including the day of his murder. The evidence has shown that Jodi was obsessed with Travis. Jodi killed him the day before he was scheduled to leave to Cancun with another woman.

Defendant, Jodi Arias

Defendant, Jodi Arias

What makes this case so fascinating is that a murder defendant has taken the stand (I believe she’s up to Day 14 today), and another rarity, she’s currently facing questions from the jury (approx. 100 questions, vetted by Judge Sherry Stephens, prosecutor Juan Martinez & defense attorney, Kurt Nurmi), being read by the judge. (According to “The states that expressly encourage judges to allow jurors to question witnesses are Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Nevada and North Carolina. Out of these jurisdictions, Arizona, Florida, and Kentucky require that judges allow jurors to ask written questions. The respective highest state courts of Indiana and Kentucky have ruled jurors have a right to ask questions of witnesses.”)

What I haven’t heard throughout the continuous coverage of the trial and discussions about the case, is a very important point. I understand that the jury may not be privy to this info (although they do know about one ‘related’ piece, I’ll explain later), but the information I’m about to present is available for anyone with access to the internet to read, and I’m surprised the Prosecution didn’t bring it up.

IMHO, as a retired 21-year veteran police officer and a writer (and this is my personal opinion, which does not necessarily reflect the opinion of my fellow blog-mates here at Women of Mystery), Jodi Arias formed her motive for murder after reading the subtext within Travis Alexander’s blog posts.


I’ve tried calling the various shows on HLN, but I get a constant busy signal. I decided to explain my opinion on a Facebook comment to HLN’s question: What will the jury ask Jodi Arias? The emphasis in Travis’s posts are mine:

I can’t get thru to 1-877-TELL-HLN, but as a retired cop and a writer, IMHO: Jodi’s MOTIVE was formed after reading Travis’s blog posts, one on 5/18/08 (17 days before his murder), when he writes about turning 30: “Around then I realized it was time to adjust my priorities and date with marriage in mind… Desperately trying to find out if my date has an axe murderer penned up inside of her I have learned a lot about what matters most to me in finding a wife. There are many qualities of course that are an absolute must. Spirituality, mutual physical attraction, the ability to communicate effectively, wants children, etc…”

On his 4/18/08 post, he wrote: “This Year will be the Best year of my life. This is the year that will eclipse all others. I will earn more, learn more, travel more, serve more, love more, give more and be more than all the other years of my life combined. True other years now past have been at times magnificent but none like this. This is a year of metamorphosis, of growth and accomplishment that at previous was unimaginable. A year where the impossible become common place, and the unachievable become effortlessly achieved. Where I raise myself to heights only visited by the great men and women of this world and by so doing this year will be the best year of my life….I will find an eternal companion that enhances me exponentially and countless other goals that at one point I dare not even dream. Through all this will 2008 be the best year of my life, which will lay the foreground for 2009 to dwarf the accomplishments of 2008. This year will be the best year of my life and I will succeed!”

Sadly, Jodi saw to it that Travis could never pursue these goals, as they DIDN’T INCLUDE HER. Clearly, the SUBTEXT within these posts is, “Not you, Jodi.” These words were released to the WORLD; Jodi, knowing that any/all of their friends & family reading this would ALSO know “It’s not JODI.”

For a person who has the stalker, possessive, jealous qualities that Jodi has, it is CLEAR to me that this pissed her off enough to plan his murder ~ and just in the nick of time for him to miss his trip to Cancun with another woman ~ who wasn’t JODI. This blatantly was a pre-meditated murder, and God help us, this jury will arrive at the right conclusion.

The reason JODI gave so many interviews is that (in her mind) SHE became the “center of attention” when it came to the subject of Travis, as they “had” a relationship, & it made her feel important.

The ‘related’ information I mentioned earlier that the jury knows: on cross examination, the prosecutor entered into evidence a letter sent to Travis, written by Jodi, taking him to task for NOT thanking her on his May 5, 2008 blog post for helping him edit the introduction to the book he intended to write (as he had thanked another woman in the post ~ and not Jodi), and she would appreciate it if he could acknowledge her (he subsequently doesn’t).

Evidence, IMHO, that Jodi was reading Travis’s blog posts, with great interest. 

How about you? Are you following this case at all? Have an opinion on her guilt/innocence? Never heard of the case? Not your cup of tea? I anxiously await the case going to the jury (the case has a long way to go, still) and learning their verdict.

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  1. I just caught a little of her testimony today, but have not been watching it. So thanks for the information. Most of the time, I stay away from real crime because I see it all as people living a real life tragedy and it makes me unhappy in so many different ways. Or, i find myself passing judgement on someone I don’t even know. I like my murders to be fictional. The nightmare of the useless death of Trayvon Martin with Zimmerman claiming self-defense is difficult to live through. Nothing will undo the murder of Trayvon Martin. There is no happy ending. In this case, justice may not be served, I hope it is, but I have my doubts with regards to the stand your ground law. God help us.

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