FBF: Dangerous Women, ed. Otto Penzler

A few years back Otto Penzler brought together seventeen excellent mystery writers and charged them each with writing a piece of short fiction to match the title of the anthology, Dangerous Women.

And so Jay McInerney takes us to Paris, and Nelson DeMille takes us to Viet Nam. And if I am going to read about a dead female in Los Angeles, well I do want Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch to be on the scene. And so it goes, these stories show us the evil that can (and often does ) lurk in the hearts of women.

Many of the stories are so nuanced that they are perfect re-reads. this anthology has a long life ahead.

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7 thoughts on “FBF: Dangerous Women, ed. Otto Penzler

  1. This is a great book; I’ve borrowed it from the library before, but need to do so again, since I didn’t get to read all of the stories! A nice one to profile for FBF, Terrie!

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