An Announcement…

signing a contractDoes the picture get the point across? No? Well, here are the details: After what seems an excruciatingly long slog, I’ve signed a two-book contract with InterMix, Penguin’s e-first imprint.

Now, for those of you who are curious about such things, in this case, e-first may mean e-only. But if the books sell well enough (and that’s not a hard number or anything) they will be published in print by Berkley, since InterMix is the digital arm. The nice thing about e-first, however, is that it’s much faster. Not fast like “oh, I’m going to download a cover and put it up myself,” but fast like 9 months versus 18. So the first book (which is currently titled Dead and Buried) will come out in the fall of 2013.

Those of you who know me know I write in a huge variety of genres. These books are romantic suspense. I love RS because it really does combine my favorite elements—plenty of gruesome killing, but with a happy ending attached.

I also have a new website. It’s not exactly what I wanted, so it may undergo some changes over time, but I figured I’d better get something together. And it does have a completely awesome header image designed by the oh-so-cool John Hornor Jacobs, who was ever-so-patient with me and my desire for the impossible.

So please celebrate with me here, on Twitter, on my new website, on Criminal Element, and anywhere else you might find me hanging out!

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About Laura K. Curtis

Laura K. Curtis has always done everything backwards. As a child, she was extremely serious, so now that she's chronologically an adult, she feels perfectly justified in acting the fool. She started teaching at age fifteen, then decided to go back to school herself at thirty. And she wrote her first book in first grade. It was released in (notebook) paperback to rave reviews and she's been trying to achieve the same level of acclaim ever since. She lives in Westchester County, NY with her husband and a pack of wild Irish Terriers, which has taught her how easily love can coexist with the desire to kill.

23 thoughts on “An Announcement…

  1. Thanks, Terrie and Gail! It’s actually a little strange feeling…kind of hard to believe 😀

  2. Awesome news, Laura! Love the new site, and John H Jacobs did a terrific job (as usual!). Wishing you all the best ~ 2013 will be a very exciting year; and so well deserved. You’ve worked so diligently and hung in there. So happy for you!

  3. I hope you drank that champagne! As for a virtual toast:

    Here’s to a warm, fun, funny, talented, hardworking writer – one who does not complain when the chips are down but instead bends to her fountain pen and notebook to weave yet another tale that thrills, surprises, and delights us. We wish her the very best of luck with her terrific publisher and know that she’ll rise to the top like the very best cream!

    big hugs from the heart

    • Now you’re making me blush! Thanks so much, Lois. I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated the support I’ve gotten from the Women of Mystery over the years.

  4. That is awesome news! CONGRATULATIONS! How cool is it that Claire will have a published auntie? I’m so happy and proud of you. Can’t wait to get my (esigned) copy.

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